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Lily Grant
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Trip Overview
We traveled to the United Arab Emerites at the begining of our Lily trip and visited a friend, Pat who teaches there. She lives in Abu Dhabi so we visited the fabulous shopping malls there. Then we took a day and traveled to Dubai about an hour and a half away. It has the largest in the world of everything. My favorite was the Berj al Arab hotel. What a fascinating piece of architecture.

Recommendations / Tips  
We organized our Lily Grant trip through "Easy Tours of India". It was an absolute fabulous company. We were on our own in the U.A.E., but when we arrived in India, we had a private guide and driver the entire time. We had a different guide when we finished our trip in Nepal and both guides were amazing. We flew to and from New York with Emerites airline. We were lucky enough to ride first class on the way there, but the coach class on the way home was still very pampering. The flight from the U.A.E. to the U.S.A. was about 14 hours and I stayed in my comfortable seat the entire time! It is the first international flight that I did not have a back ache. Wonderful airline.


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