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Trip Overview
Backpacking With A Bunion is a travelogue of discovery and adventure across the countries of South-East Asia. From Bangkok in Thailand to the island of Flores in Indonesia. Nine countries over eighteen months in this amazing part of the world. Temples and festivals; hill-tribes and floating markets; smoking volcanoes and jungles; coral reefs and the warm tropical ocean. The colours, intensity and vibrancy of the Orient. One day being in a nature documentary, the next in an adventure movie; another in a peaceful Buddhist Wat or chilled out on the beach. And what are my memories…the sweet smell of jasmine rice, the exotic colours and shapes of tropical fruit, saffron-robed monks, sunrises over mountains and sunsets over temples, crowing roosters at dawn, lying in a hammock by the misty Mekong, noisy festivals with firecrackers, climbing up hills, trekking through jungles, fording across rivers and swimming in the tropical seas. South-East Asia has all this and more. My perceptions and attitudes towards the developing world have been changed forever. Travelling changes the traveller and you learn as much about yourself as the countries visited. And hopefully reading this book will change the reader’s perspective too. I would do it all again at the drop of a hat.NOW AVAILABLE FROM AUTHORHOUSE, AMAZON, AND OTHER ON-LINE RETAILERS, OR FROM YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE IF YOU PREFER


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