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DC to Boston
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Trip Overview
Our ultimate destination was Fenway for the game July 3rd, but we made several stops along the way and during the trip. We stopped at D.C. to take in some our nation's history, and were also able to meet up with an old friend of Mel's while there. We spent a day in Hartford, CT with our friend from PCC, CT Wright and his family. We spent a day in New Hampshire and then Lexington and Concord, Mass. We spent a full day in Boston (7:30am-11:30pm) on game day. Then spent the following Saturday driving back. Great trip, lots of sights, lots of fun, but glad to be home too.

Recommendations / Tips  
I recommend a road trip to Boston to anyone who wants to see some of our nation's foundational history, from hearing about the Tea Party to seeing the site of the infamous Boston Massacre to seeing the Old North Church. Boston is such a great city. I've adopted it as my favorite city (other than Thrillsborough), and any chance I get, I will visit again. Along the way, we also got to see a lot of our country that you don't see normally, including New York state's beautiful countryside. Didn't know it existed...lol


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