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This is Brighton
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Trip Overview
Bank Holiday weekends are times to get away, due to the incredibly beautiful weather (warmest day of 2009 so far) and the fact that it is usually awful on long weekends, I thought a solo day trip to Brighton would be great.Most people seemed to think it odd that I wanted to go (like why?) and warned me of heaving crowds... isn't that part of the appeal?Actually I loved, thought it was great - a busy, humming and cosmopolitan mix, every type, shape, size, race and identification of people was on display. Celebrating the great weather saw everyone chill and just get along.I managed to chalk up approx 13 miles (that's right miles not kms) hence am nursing a pair of very tired feet right now, but am very relaxed! Shame I couldn't stay and see the Counting Crows concert!Would love to go back with some mates and chill out in a bar apres beach :-)


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