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Krakow Ramble - Day 1 of Suz & Priya's Adventure
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Trip Overview
Time crunched and site-seeing hungry, Priya and I set out to tour Krakow and Budapest in 4 days. Dusting off the cameras and flats we aimed to take in all we could on foot, brave the public transportation, sample the local food and wrestle with the language.Full of the usual mishaps and mayhem, we found Poland very beautiful and the people largely austere until you get to know them. Amusing the hostel staff with out badly written Polish request for an overnight sleeper on the night train to Budapest... little did we know we were apparently "honey-mooning"... right! Thankfully we fixed that up quickly with a few laughs along the way. Would recommend Krakow for sure, this is a great little touristy city, all clean and pretty... but would encourage a trip to Budapest...more on that in later installments.

Recommendations / Tips  
If staying in Krakow and looking for a reasonably priced hostel I would recommend the Krakow Centrum Hostel on Sw Gertrudy... very affordable - a double room that houses 4 people was ours for the princely sum of 35Euros (I think that's right) per night for the room - very cheap if sharing. The safe are super helpful and assisted us with booking tours for day 2 and sorting out the train booking debacle... I don't think I've seen someone laugh so hard over a translation... thanks Philski! So much so we gave it to her when we left, she couldn't wait to show it to her friends ;-)


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