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Laos - N. 07-08
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Trip Overview
The purpose of this trip, and the previous others has all been about service - serving people, serving their needs. We are able to assist Laos in water treatment, medical supplies, educational materials, job training, and pastor's training. We believe in a hope like no other through Jesus Christ, and choose to serve people just as he did while on Earth, in a display of love, friendship, and truth that can lead to redemption of relationship and purpose, as God initially designed.

On a worldwide scale, I believe God is opening wide doors for believers to go, befriend, and be used to draw people closer to him. As I work with youth in Mexico, I believe it is in God's heart for us of Youth with a Mission, Pachuca to take a team of youth across the sea to Laos, to serve... to learn... and to love. For more information on this in Mexico, visit:

Recommendations / Tips  
For more info about Southeast Asian Frienship Ministries, visit:

There is much work to be done in helping others and drawing people closer in their relationship with God.


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