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Trip Overview
We left from Manchester International Airport for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for a transfer flight to Shanghai (PVG). We stayed in Shanghai for 2 nights, 2 days and then ventured on to Xi' An Shaanxi province via a domestic flight which was more pleasant than any other flight I have been on - plenty of leg room :-) ). Whilst in Shanghai, we visited The Bund (pronounce the bunt), Hu Xing Ting Tea House and nearby Temple, The Food Markets, The Town Markets, some green, green, peaceful gardens with lots of locals practicing Tai Chi and playing games with children in them, ate in some wonderful restaurants, mainly Babela's a nice Italian place inside a Mall, and more... make sure you read the journals for more about our days in Shanghai (coming soon as now I'm back I'm busy with Uni work and preparing to go into schools - going to be a teacher and all that :-) ). Leave a comment about our trip, or send us some questions or suggestions you have about Shanghai. x


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