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Vermont Winter 2010-2011
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Trip Overview
Killington is the Ski Resort, while Woodstock is a nearby Town. Killington was very nice. I have to say that it was very cold, and in Late December - Early January the temperature went down to about 5 degrees Fahrenheit!!! Thats like -15 Celcius! So was very cold, but a very nice experience. Good Skiing, and anything you need, it isnt in the "middle of nowhere", so there are supermarkets and Cafes and everything you could possibly need :)

Recommendations / Tips  
If you are going to go in December or January, which is what I suggest, especially after the Snow Problem there was in the United States this year, you should definetly bring warm clothes because the temperature can do down very cold. Also, if you are going to go for New Years Eve (like I did), there are usually a lot of people, so you probably might want to make a reservation for a restaurant or something, some time in advanced..


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