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My 19th Birthday
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Trip Overview
We started the holiday off like any other. We got to the airport in good time, Dad got stopped and searched through baggage control once again, i'm sure its cos he just fits through the metal detector! We then had to wait and wait for our gate number to be displayed and everyone had the same idea just to walk up and down the terminal to find it. We then heard a "speedy boarding" call and walked forward. Our tickets are taken and we go past a signt hat says 'Pisa', strange, we thought, never mind we carried on. We waited in the stairway to board the plane, first at the front of the queue at the back. Doors open we walk up and are tickets are checked again. Airhostess says "You are going to Pisa? No, Ticket says Malaga?! Yes thats right. We are on the right plane? No, we going to Pisa. So what do we do now, go back. No wait i'll phone front of plane. :S ok. Ok my manager says we get someone to take you to other plane". So we get taken down past all the people with them wondering what we are doing getting escorted off. We walk through airport, everyone getting on our plane, one set off seats left. Dad speaks to airhost and he says "what you want me to do about it!!!". Yeah good English mate. pfhhh. So we sit down, collar another airhostess get her name and she says " doesn't happen very often!!! 'Whatttt!'. So thats how we started our holiday... The rest of it was pretty much enjoyable when we got there. :)


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