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Sharing Canary's wealth on London
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Trip Overview
So, today we went to Greenwhich to see the sights in one of the most stunning areas of London. We started off with a walk around the Old Naval College, taking in the beautiful buildings and taking a good look at the Thames. We saw the Cutty Sark (currently being renovated after an accidental fire!) - an example of a merchant ship, the same kind that would have traded with the Canary Islands.We moved on to the Observatory. Personally this was incredibly interesting, as i study astrophysics, and we saw a camera oscura projecting an image of the Naval College. The meridian, which passes through the observatory, also passes through El Hierro, which i went to see a few months ago. Was a nicely poetic idea, following the meridian around the world!In the Maritime Museum we saw many examples of modern and traditional vessels. Among them was a gorgeous, gold plated welsh boat and a plush sport sailing yacht. We saw many similar yachts back in Tenerife, where we have the perfect conditions for water sports.


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