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Chongqing,Yangtze River Cruise and Yichang
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Trip Overview
Upon arrival of Chongqing from Guilin, we just spent the afternoon in visiting the city till around 8:30 pm after dinner and then we went to the pier to board the "Blue Whale" Cruise vessel to begin our exciting Yangtze River adventure.
This cruise ship is small and not clean and has no places inside the ship for passengers to sit down to rest.
It took 2 and 1/2 days to complete this cruise.The highlight of the cruise was the "Passing Five Step Ship Lock" and " Three Gorges Dam Project" site. However, I feel sorry for the submerges of all the historic relics and places because of this project and also regret that I did not come before it. This is my first time to tour the Yangtze River.We disembarked at Yichang and spent only 1& 1/2 days here as there were not many interesting places to visit.


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