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Honeymooning in St. Thomas
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Trip Overview
When planning your honeymoon you are encouraged not to make the same mistake that most other newlyweds make. This mistake involves picking a vacation destination that is overrun with children. Your honeymoon is supposed to be a private, intimate, and romantic event. You may find it difficult to focus on romance when there are a large number of children running around the area. Another reason why St. Thomas is such a popular honeymoon destination is because a number of hotel resorts have age restrictions. Additional Infos at

Recommendations / Tips  
If honeymooning in St. Thomas sounds interesting to you, you will have to start planning. Depending on when your wedding is, you may have a difficult time obtaining reservations at the most popular resorts in St. Thomas. This is because St. Thomas is known as one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Scheduling your reservations ahead of time will ensure that you will be able to stay at the resort of your choice.


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