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Adventure Tours Guide
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Trip Overview
Few things can be more adventurous than walking the Great Wall of China. Passing through various landscapes and climates provides breathtaking views and a sense of wonderment. When touring China, one can adventure through the Ceremonial buildings in the Forbidden City or maybe a climbing adventure is in order? Tai Shan is home to the mythical mountain that is rumored to grant a long, healthy life to those who successfully climb it. The Beijing Zoo offers a beautiful landscape for polar bears, pandas and monkeys. One can also visit Monkey Island at Hainan Dao to see over one thousand monkeys. Visit in the mornings or evenings, as those are the best time to see the monkeys.You can have rafting adventures on the Lhasa River, Drigung or the Kongpu- Drasksum rivers in Tibet, or an adventure for the brave of heart. For mountain biking enthusiasts, Tibet offers adventure tours that will take you to Nepal through the Himalayas Highways. For those who enjoy hiking and walking, you will get a close glimpse of Tibetan culture with it's religion and way of life. You can trek through the mountains to the meditation place of Buddhist monks. You can see gardens and Samven monasteries, or join in Buddhist prayer services, which will be sure to delight the adventurer.When considering Asia for adventure tours, think about Taiwan. You can view the mountain peaks that touch the clouds or volcanic rocks that provide the best of water slides rides. Taiwan provides hiking enthusiasts trails the lead to the shrines and temples as well as hot springs and wondrous views of the mountains and the seas. September through November are prime times to visit Taiwan, as the weather is warm and dry and air pollution is kept to a minimum. When looking for reputable adventure tour guide consider a nun. Nuns are reliable, very knowledgeable and capable of turning adventure tours into an unforgettable cultural experience.More Details


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