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Story of My Amazing Journey to Bronx
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Trip Overview
Bronx is wonderful city of New York. I got a chance to visit this amazing and wonderful place when I went at my aunty Della’s home. Her best friends made a trip to Bronx. They invited her but she sent me with them. They already booked a budget hotel among the hotels in Bronx. Location of that hotel was so good. We stayed there only for 3 days. But we enjoyed great time in 3 days there.There were lots of places to see like Wave Hill, New York Botanical Garden, Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler, Orchard Beach, Bronx Zoo and Hall of Fame for Great Americans. We went firstly at the New York Botanical Garden. There we saw beautiful and different kinds of wild flowers.For a plant lover that place was not less than heaven. For a casual fan of trees and flowers New York Botanical Garden Bronx must launch you into the ‘plant lover’ category. The Garden was so exquisite. Bronx Botanical Garden boasted with 27 specialty gardens. For kids of aged 2-12 that beautiful garden offered the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, which was another hands-on, fun. We all enjoyed there a lot and then came back to our hotel.Second day we were at the Bronx Zoo. Bronx Zoo always going on for visitors and families and there are always something different for the people. We had seen there Bengali Express Monorail, an exciting narrated ride above Siberian tigers, Asian Elephants, and Indian Rhinos. New York Bronx Zoo was the Wild Asia complex, which was a zoo within a zoo, complete with a Jungle World, education center, Asian forests, birds, and lizards. I picked lots of pictures of all of the. After spending time there we all left back.Orchard Beach is artificial beach in the Bronx. It was really man made beauty. There I enjoyed the water rafting and swimming also. We all spent great time there. Beach mostly liked by everyone. My aunt’s friends were also enjoying the water rafting and swimming. Whole day we spent there. At the evening time we went at the restaurant to eat some food at the Carifesta Restaurant after that went for shopping at the Hunts Point Farmers Market of the Bronx. After having great fun of whole day we left back at our hotel. It was Econo Lodge in Bronx. Amazing time to stay there. It was our tremendous journey of ours. After that we all came back to home by taking next flight. After coming back I told the whole story of my journey to Bronx to my aunt Della.


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