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Beach attractions in Naples
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Trip Overview
I love beach places so much. Before two years I went on a trip of a beautiful city which has lots of beaches was Naples. It is very beautiful city and has lots of attractive places to see here. I went there to enjoy my vacations with my friends. I think that time was great time of my life. We enjoyed a lot there. We went there by flight. When our plane was landing on the land of Naples we all were feeling so happy and so excited about that place. We stayed there in a superb hotel which was among the cheap hotels of the Naples. But it was really so comfortable and in front of it there was a beautiful beach which made its location so attractive. It was only 3 days trip.There was just down the coast, the upscale town of Naples claims the world’s most golf coursesper capita, and features chic boutiques in tree-lined 3rd Street South shopping area. For a free glimpse into Florida history, we enjoyed the Collier County Museum with its recreations of a 19th century swamp trading post and Seminole chikee hut. And only the hardest of hearts could resist a visit to the Teddy Bear Museum. It was so beautiful. After having fun of whole day we came back to our hotel. I think it was among the best hotels in naples.Then in the next day we went to the Canoe or kayak along the mangroves of the Gordon River at the 14-acre Naples Nature Center which was featuring a tidal lagoon, aviary, a wildlife rehabilitation clinic, a natural-history museum, serpentarium, and a sea-turtle aquarium. There we had seen sea turtle they were playing with each other. My friend jack loves the animals so much so he was looking so happy at that place. In fact we all were so happy to seeing them. Then we went to the interactive exhibits of panthers, tigers, monkeys, and alligators featured at the nationally accredited 52-acre Caribbean Gardens: The Zoo in Naples was about 30 miles northeast of Naples, the National Audubon Society manages the 11,000-acre Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, which protects North America's largest remaining stand of ancient bald cypress, endangered birds like the wood storks, alligators, and otters. We had seen there wood storks, tigers, monkeys, panthers and alligators. They all were looking busy in their work. I picked lots of pictures of all of them. Then we went to enjoy some food and drink in a restaurant. It was Truluck's Seafood, Steak, and Crab House. It was semi-casual restaurant. They offered us the area's best freshest, top-quality Stone Crab claws. And drink was also very fine.Next day we had fun of beach. We went on the beaches which was in Fort Myers include adore Lovers Key State Park, and the pristine white sands of Clam Pass Recreation Area. It was really great experience. I enjoyed the fun of surfing and boating also. Kristi was busy in taking sun lights. We all friends enjoyed the whole day on the beach and then came back to our hotel room. I think it was one of the best hotels in Naples. The hotel was so comfortable. It was Marriott Naples hotels. There were 98 rooms at this hotel. Room interior was standard hotel decorated. Each room included air-conditioning cable TV coffeemaker data ports hairdryer iron ironing board telephone and voicemail. Most important thing they offered great discounts to us. Then after having fun of three days in Naples we came back to our homes by the next flight.


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