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GUIZHOU Trip 贵州旅游

GUIZOU(贵州), China

Matang and a Nearby village, Guizhou, China - 10.4.2010

Matang, China

Langde, Guizhou, China - 9.4.2010

Langde, Guizhou, China

Basha, Guizhou, China - 12.4.2010

Basha, Guizhou, China

Untitled Trip

GuiZhou, China

Longli, Guizhou, China - 11-12.4.2010

Longli, Guizhou, China


qian dong nan.guizhou,...

Kaili, Guizhou, China, 9-11.4.2010

Kaili, Guizhou, China

黄果树(HuangGuoShu Waterfall) & 陡坡塘(DuoPoTang) & 天星桥(TiangXingQiao), 贵州(GuiZhou), China, May 2008

黄果树,HuangGuoShu Waterf...

镇远(ZhenYuan) & 飞云崖(FeiYunYian), 贵州(GuiZhou), China, May 2008

镇远,ZhenYuan & 飞云崖,FeiY...

万峰林(WanFengLin) & 云台山(YunTai Mountain) & SuiZhuZhai, 贵州(GuiZhou), China, May 2008

万峰林,WanFengLin & 云台山,Y...

荔波(LiBo), 大小七孔(7 Holes) & 马岭河峡谷(MaLingHe Gorge), 贵州(GuiZhou), China, May 2008

荔波(LiBo) 大小七孔(7 Holes)...

Peacock, 黄果树(HuangGuoShu Waterfall), 贵州(GuiZhou), China, May 2008

黄果树,HuangGuoShu Waterf...