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Kerry :)
About Me

I am a student... thats what I do.  I live in Irving, Texas, which I have mixed feelings about.  No se.  I have a freaking fabulous family that is the reason I am where I am today.  One day I was sitting in my living room eating some corn and black beans (my fave)... when I decided that I wanted to go abroad.  I looked at Chile and Spain and very quickly chose Spain... a semester of three months... from September to December 2008.  In Spain, I met some of the most awesome people that I will forever stay in contact with and I learned so so much.  I taught english to these amazing little children, and that was often the highlight of my day.  I fell in love with Spain and decided to come back.. so here I am.  Two more semesters of this should be enough... for now!  I am going to aTm and I will graduate (hopefully) in December of 2010 if everything works out as planned! 

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