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Indoor House Plants Are Good For You!

Indoor houseplants can be a beautiful addition to any room in your house or even your office.

You should consider both light intensity and duration when you are deciding on placement of your new plant. Each plant species is classified as requiring either high, medium or low light. As general rule plants with paler green leaves require lighter than plants with dark green foliage. Although plants have a tremendous ability to adjust to varying light conditions, they do not adapt easily to day variations, so do not move it around a lot. Also, plants getting less light need less fertilizer. An indication that your plant maybe be getting insufficient light is if it looks weak, stretched and is developing abnormally small leaves. More information about plants you can find with best plant identification app 2018 .

Plants are believed to help bring peace and ambiance to any space by keeping you in touch with nature. This alone is a good reason to surround yourself with a little of the outdoors. The fact that houseplants help fight indoor pollution is an extra plus which can assist in keeping us all healthier. Since plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen; the direct opposite of what humans do; they actually clean the air.

You can also use houseplants to liven up a room or for an easy decorative touch. Although foliage plants are the most common houseplants you can also find some very colorful flowering plants. The placement of a beautiful flowering plant in an empty corner or entry way can make a huge difference that will amaze you. You can even take a healthy foliage only plant and place it in a decorative pot to bring some color into your space.

Indoor plants are mostly tropical or sub-tropical as these are best suited for a typical home environment that has year round moderate temperature. Indoor plants are usually grown in glass greenhouses under conditions which are warm and humid. Most indoor plants are highly versatile and require very little maintenance.

In order to have healthy houseplants you do need to learn a little about each variety you select and how to take care of it through maintenance and cleaning. Soil, light, water, temperature, relative humidity, and fertilization are some of the things will affect how your plant thrives.

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