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It has been a crazy three years; I started school in January 2009 and had somewhat of an idea what I wanted to major in. First, I thought about being a Toys-R-Us kid but I found out that there wasn’t a degree for that. Than I thought well if I couldn’t be a Toys-R-Us kid than perhaps I would be a toy tester. Someone has to test the toys, right? However, I was disappointed when I found out that there wasn’t a degree in that either. So with a little help from my friends in Trio I had finally decided on majoring in accounting and international business. After I had made the decision in what to major in, I than had to figure out where to transfer to once I was done at CBC. Well, last summer I drove to University of Washington and toured their campus. I was really excited on going there; however, after the tour was completed and after meeting with the business advisor I was pretty disappointed. So, I set off for University of Oregon hoping to find a better school. Well, guess what? I did GO DUCKS!!! It was like going from night to day. Now I not only decided on what I was going to major in but I also had figure out what school to transfer to once I was finished at CBC. At least I thought I did. I had found out when majoring in international business, it would be required for me to study abroad. I thought to myself, oh good; I have wanted to get out of the country for awhile. So I started looking into where I would like to go to school and perhaps live once I was done. After doing research I had decided on Japan. I started taking Japanese for my language class and was preparing on traveling to Japan to tour two Universities for when the time came for me to study abroad. Well, dumb luck likes to follow me so wouldn’t you know it, Japan just happen to have the world record breaking earthquake and tsunami. Now I was not going to let the earthquake and tsunami change my mind on studying in Japan; however, there is that little thing called radiation that did. Something about going over to Japan and coming back with a third growth; just didn’t sit well with me. I scrambled to locate another school to study at, well guess what? I found one in Italy. Funny the Japanese I learned is not going to benefit me while I’m in Italy. The school that I located is about 45 minutes north of Venice and sits at the base of the Italian Alps. On August 20 I am flying to Italy to tour the University in Paderno del Grappa. At first I was going by myself; however, after talking with my mom I thought why not see if she would like to travel with me to Italy. When I had asked her it only took 5 seconds or less to make her mind up and say yes. This is about where I am now. I have been planning and getting ready for the trip in Italy.

I’m hoping from this website that everyone will be able to follow our trip and experience Italy with us. Please be patient with me as I try to figure out the website; however, when I do, I’ll be posting our travel plans, pictures, videos and will give times when we will be on my web cam so you can talk to us and ask any questions you may have about our trip.

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