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Site audit is a comprehensive diagnosis of an Internet project in order to find and fix errors. Errors can be both technical in nature and marketing remarks. The first ones are, for example, the validity of the code, the correct use of H1-H6 headers, the correct filling of meta tags, etc. For the second, for example, factors such as design, layout of blocks, page layout, navigation, ease of use, etc. are relevant. Sometimes a quick glance at review site is enough to understand the reason, and sometimes it takes tens of hours of analysis to do this.

As a rule, the owner of the resource applies for the audit, which already exists not for the first year, but does not receive sufficient attention from the Internet audience. The site as a rule already has its own history, bad or good, and the task of the SEO specialist is to unwind this tangle and deal with every problem. And there are sometimes a lot of problems. It happens that during the work of the site, its work in different periods of time, dozens of people were engaged, and with their vision of what it should be. And everyone tried different methods and methods of so-called promotion.

That's why it's necessary to audit your resource from time to time. Even if an expert is working on your project, you are not immune from mistakes. And even more so if you are promoting yourself.

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