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Rachael Winter
About Me

Well... Don't really know what to write here because you all know me and my plans??  Any ideas??

Ok...I am 8 days away from going on my trip and am nervous but also pretty excited.

First stop is Hong Kong, just for 3 days.  Not sure what I will be doing here, climbing a big hill and looking over the vast Kong Hong landscape is said to be the thing to do here.  As is shopping, but seeing as I don't have much room in my backpack, I will be leaving that well alone... to begin with anyway!!  I then leave HK to fly to Oz on 1st March.

First stop is Melbourne.  I plan to work for a couple of months in both Melbourne and Sydney, then have a wander around for a few months, lounge on beaches, walk through deserts to look at big rocks, and try not to piss off any snakes or spiders.  

When I have had enough of the mad scary wildlife or start running out of cash, I will make my way over to Thailand.  When there, I plan to lounge around on yet more beaches, look at some shiny gold buildings and ride through jungles on elephants.  

When I really have run out of money, I will come back to England to annoy you all again.

I will aim to update this blog every week, so if you want to know what I am up to or want to see where in the world I am, check this out. 

I will also be contactable on my email, and mobile (which I will let you have once I get a new number).

Ciao for now wombats xxxx

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