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Imagine how many people ask hotels for the cheapest rate and then say "thank you I will think about it". How frustrating is that to a hotel?. Do you think any hotels take those requests seriously? - Not many!

However with the hotel knows they have received a bid from a cash buyer and if they accept your offer the deal is done. That's why we pre-authorize your credit card - it gives you the power!

Hotels ideally want to fill their rooms 365 days a year. Some periods during the year hotels can be quiet, and this can even happen in the peak season. So Hotel Managers are always on the lookout for a way to fill these vacancies. However with many accommodation websites run by travel agents, hotels have to pay commission for every booking. With you are bidding directly with a hotel who are responding directly to you. No third party involvement or influence... and no commissions for the hotel... so the savings can be passed on to you...

Shop around and checkout other websites to find out what is the cheapest hotel rate you can get. Then once you have a price in mind, make a bid on Remember the longer your stay the lower your bid can be and the more bargaining power you have. Also the higher the full rate, the more likely you are to get a bigger discount. Even if you save $10 per night for a 10 day holiday that is a big saving.

So make a bid and find out. There is no harm in trying and you could surprise yourself.

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