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Federico Caminada
About Me

Mr. Federico Caminda was born in Lovere (Italy) on 11 december 1959.

On a chest of drawers in his parent’s bedroom, he found an old camera, a “Ferrania”, bought by his father in the 60’s. This was his first camera.

From then on, a desire to take his first pictures and leave his small village, to venture on an endless journey around the world, is growing on him.

Aware of the deep silence of the human being, from birth to death, his work focuses on love towards people, looking for all countless and intense appearances he would meet.

Passion and deference for what surrounds him is depicted in every shoot.

A marriage between knowledge and narration: so here are religious  celebrations, joyful moments of the “writers”, imagination and extravagance of street actors or everyday life in a huge metropolis.

He finds his greatest fulfilment during numerous adventurous journeys, on the other hand, he also sets up exhibitions and takes part in different logistic activities regarding photographing.


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