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Jomegmie Plota
About Me

Jomegmie is... Joanna, Megan, & Amie!


Humble and tolerant, this
dazzling duchess
knows how to get Mr. Darcy on the dance floor.  Soccer skills enthusiast, she gets her groove on whether in
mullet wig or
ducktape mohawk.  Her Polish roots make her a prime candidate for providing hilarious entertainment and precious perogis.  Be on the lookout for this
, her smile is highly contagious!

Lizardly and an 80's wedding buff, this London local knows how to choose her cakes.  A literary enthusiast, she works the runway with a book in one hand and crumpet in the other.  Her floral roots provide her with a scent so intoxicating, no soul can resist taking a humorous whiff.  Keep on your toes around this girl, her giggle is infectious. 

Mermaidly and injury prone, this Aussie wannabe knows how to befriend a human.  An adventure enthusiast, she cruises for bruises whether riding a wave or searching for dinglehoppers.  Her under-the-sea roots keep her singing and playing the snarflat until she sees the sign.  Watch your back, this girl's hilarity is toxic.

(As seen on The Real Real reality TV series.)

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