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To Surfers Paradise, Brisbane and Noosa

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So next stop was Surfers Paradise, or Surfers Sh*thole, as we first thought. With the exception of our amazingly luxurious accommodation (twin room with ensuite, balcony, TV and fridge = backpackers heaven!), our initial thoughts of Surfers were not good. All a bit chav-tastic compared to Byron, a bit like Blackpool (or Kellys, Gezza!) - lots of touristy beach shops/souvenirs etc, so we took advantage of blaming our hangovers for spending a lot of time chilling in our room! Our friend (who knew Surfers well) met us on the next day and showed us the real Gold Coast which was actually lovely - went to a fancy restaurant called Glass (highly recommend) in the marina about 10 mins from Surfers, and then we hit 'Melbas' for some seriously cheesy dancing and some delicious cocktails....alas, our faith in Surfers had been restored....

Unfortunately. the cocktails had not liked us so much, and the early bus the next morning to Brisbane was, lets' just say, a struggle! (As was the trekking to our next hostel in 33 degree heat).

So most of that morning was spent chilling, and then I did some serious retail therapy in the French Connection sale - oops, budget now gone out of the window! - and then we walked around Brisbane and ended up in the Botanical Gardens, hich was in fact a lovely place and city. Definitely glad we stopped off here (but not sure my credit card is).

Then it was on to Noosa, aw Noosa, our new favourite place (well, competing with Byron of course). Our 4 night stay began with a night at a bush camp. The fact that within minutes of us getting there a scorpion was caught and a brown snake actually slithered between one of the other guys legs had NOTHING to do with the fact that sleeping just wasnt an option at this place! This place was simply crazy. The guys who ran it were complete stoners and basically partied til 7am every morning dancing like maniacs on surfboards on the sand and singing to some really bad music! It was a great night - we had our customary bottle of bubbles and sat around the camp fire chatting and playing games for the night, until we decided to retire to our hammocks for the evening, being waited on hand and foot by Italian and french waiters! Pretty scary creatures living there though, great experience, glad I did it but definitely wouldn't want to camp there!

We then moved back to civilisation again to Noosaville. Hit the beach and spent the afternoon surfing with our new friend, Jesse, who was the best (and most patient) instructor in the world I think! And, to top it off it took us to our first proper Ozzie BBQ after at a gorgeous pad in Noosa - legend!

The next day we were beach-bound again, ending up with fish and chips and a bottle of wine by the river - its was nicer than it sounds! Followed by drinks in a nice bar on Hastings St - Liquid.

So yesterday was spent at Australias Zoo - Steve Irwins zoo - which was pretty cool so far as zoos go. Loads for the kids, woohoo - needless to say, guess who was first in line to feed the elephants?! Held koalas, stroked 'roos' and watched crocs being fed - all pretty cool!

Today we spent on kayaks checking out the millionaires pad along the river and we are about to head to Fraser Island so chat soon as apparently there's no coverage out there for 3 whole days, what am I gonna do?!

Lots of love, Em xxx


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Byron Bay to Surfers to Brissy to Noosa

East Coast Oz, Australia