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Getting started

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Last X-mas my fiance and I decided to do something special together instead of spending money in presents we do not actually need. We're usually kind of creative when choosing gifts to each other, but due to our lack of inspiration, we agreed about making something we really wanted to. Anyway, who needs more medieval literature books?... Let's make a longer trip!

We actually travel quite a lot, we've been to a lot of different places since we met (i.g. July 2008), usually couchsurfing around Western Europe (Vienna, Prague, Krakow, Paris, Basel, Berlin, Pilsen, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona, Coimbra, etc.), but also visiting family in Brazil, Luxemburg and Portugal. But this time we wished we could go outside Europe and see how the sun shines there. First of all, we discussed about the places we both would like to see once in life, but the list is actually huge! His includes Romany, Egypt, Turkey, New Zeland... and mine Sierra Leone, Liberia, Iran, Greenland and the South Pole. Well, not exactely what we could call a perfect match! ;)

Anyway we agreed about some places, like:

1. Japan - yes, but too expensive
2. California - yes, but we don't really feel confident about the USA
3. Cuba - yes, but if I cross the Atlantic, I'd maybe rather see my family in Brazil

But we were getting close... so I dared: why not India?! Well, India is perfect! It's one of the world's oldest culture, has great views and nice beaches, a lot of History everywhere and a really fascinating people. Besides, it seems that you can cross the country by train with not more than 15 Euro. Deal!!!


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