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Exploring always attracts all, Miami Beach, FL

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Marriott Miami was the hotel where I was staying when moved there for entertainment our holidays in summer period. It was outstanding time when reached to this city. First Of all,  I will tell you about Marriott Miami hotel, which was to fabulous attractions In Miami as offered best lowest rates rooms for me. It was located in Biscayne bay inside of eastern of Miami Bay. Closed to that hotel located Port of Miami where I went often during our Miami trip.

Marriott Miami is best for business traveler also, I loved its amenities and services. Featured of that awesome hotel were outdoor splash pool and spa tub, as well as a tri level fitness center with bikes, treadmills, and free weights.

Before to start journey to Miami, searched many hotels in Miami fl as well as cheap Miami hotels but we couldn’t pick any one of them lowest rates, as soon as my friend suggestions search Marriott hotels in Miami and got it at lowest rates. Cheap hotels are located in everywhere just need some specific search to it. If you visit to any place then be make reservations your stay as well as take most information’s about place.

Let’s move to my activities and attraction point where I visited during our Miami trip. Two things attracted to me in Miami, First were Beaches of Miami and second was it downtown and inside things to see. But, I love Beaches of Miami. I wanted to always that reserved hotels in front of beach Miami but we couldn’t. Whatever, few miles far got Marriott, it was wondering hotel and felt awesome there.

I needed more entertainment so first day, I moved ahead of Miami Beach. It was summer time when I visited to there. Need more activities then changed our dressed over the beach, jumped to water and fulfilled our love as water of Beach Sea. Beaches soft sandy land best for sunbath, so took there. Watched wind surfing guys to there over the beaches hire chair. Walked also over the beach after swimming and sunbathing. But the sunset of the Miami beach so beautiful.

It was wondering and attracted repeatedly to there. You can’t believe it that I went to Miami beach four days in our 6 days trip. Really, it was wondering trip to me.

Besides, in Miami other few place where I visited such as Ancient Spanish Monastery, a holocaust Memorial place where huge rush is gathering in every seasonable time. I visited to here and realized it was wonderful place.

Nevertheless, the Jewish Museum of the Florida attracted also millions of tourist throughout the year and one of them I was also. Jewish Museums present oldest Florida culture and other few history to Florida state and Miami. I spent our time with well ways as soon as moved ahead to Venetian pool for swimming, where too many kids and adults guys were swimming in drain water of spring. I did also.

Over the Bay front park of Miami was remarkable and attracted to all. I enjoyed it there.  But as soon as watched to attractions of the Bay front Park moved to Miami zoo here over 1200 wild animals are living, so few of them I watched. The Zoo of Meteromiami, attracted to all ages traveler.

Next day trail of the Jungle Island was superb and I needed like that trail to those time and I got it, however, we couldn’t stop my feet to port cruises relaxing tour, and over the cruise I took best dinning.

Last day of the Miami trip, moved to Dolphin Stadium where I watched the fun of dolphins shows. for watching the show, huge crowd had gathered, it was fabulous show. However, last day of Miami we purchased too many items for my family, also ate meals to famous restaurants. The dishes of there were delicious, but the seafoods of there, couldn’t forget it. Packed our luggage in our reserved Marriott Miami hotel and came to home by airplane. It was nice trip but after this trip visited to many place for our business purpose and took awesome entertainment.





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