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Great Journey Attractions and More Entertainment in San Francisco

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San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in California. There are populations of almost 800,000, but is the center of a metropolitan area of millions. San Francisco is a popular tourist destination sightseeing, restaurant, nightlife, chilly summer fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of Victorian and modern architecture and its famous landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the cable cars, Chinatown, and accommodation of my vacations. Now that time I went to visit to other locations that make and adventure in my vacation. I am first time visit in this city my friends so happy in this trip. Before to visit this place I got all in formations about the city by other people in my office where, when and at which is right for visiting. After that I need the cheap hotels to stay in the city for six days. So I book the hotels in san francisco ca at beautiful locations. And also confirm my ticket by internet. I reached that city by San FranciscoInternationalAirport. But I called taxi and reached to my hotel at noon. I put my luggage in room and get fresh and take lunch. After lunch I came back to hotel and planned my next day trip.


First day I went to see the Golden Gate Bridge was celebrated as one of the world's most beautiful bridges and with it was wonderful towers, sweeping main cables and great span, it was a sensory beauty featuring color, sound, and light. The Bridge can be a very busy place, particularly during the summer months.


Second day I went to Chinatown and NorthBeach ware two of San Francisco’s oldest and most colorful neighborhoods; you can easily spend an entire weekend immersed in their lively streets and hot jazz clubs, their temples and churches, their dim sum houses and traitorous.


Third day I went to see the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco was the very beautiful and nice which was one of the largest museums in the Western world faithful completely too Asian art. Here, you can travel through 6,000 years of history, walk across seven major regions, and sample the cultures of numerous countries. The AsianArt Museum was outstanding. I love the interior spaces particularly the staircase in the entrance area.  It was stunning. I enjoyed the special exhibition entitled:  Burma and Siam which I saw March 1st 2009.  I learned about the Theravada Buddhism which both countries practice. It was very interesting.  Most of all, I enjoyed the Burmese Marionettes performance.


Forth day I went to see the San Francisco Zoo was the fantastic zoo which is the great place to go if you are traveling with children have a fondness for penguins, primates, lions or llamas. The Zoo was home to a stunning and important botanical collection as well as more than 250 species of animals, many of which ware highly endangered. At this zoo I saw several lions including a lion with a great mane, gorillas including a silverback gorilla, some bears, some tigers, loud apes, some koalas, penguins, and a collection of other animals from Africa and Australia.  Not bad.  I was particularly impressed with the loud apes, the tigers, and the well-mined lion exhibits and plants to learn more about the wonderful things you can experience at the San Francisco Zoo.


Fifth day I enjoyed the beach the many adventure activities that I got there like swimming, fishing, biking and many more. In San Francisco great fun of the nightlife that so adventurous and excited that cant forget it.


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