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Day 6: On the Road to Kyoto

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Up way too early (445 AM) to get to the Tsujiki fish market before we head out of town. Sadly didn't read the LP carefully enough and our 30 minute walk was rewarded with a small sign reminding us that the market is closed on the second and fourth wednesday of the month (d'oh). Hopefully we will have the time and wherewithall to get back their on our way home. Went back to the hotel for a bit more much needed sleep before finally getting all our stuff together and heading for the train station. Ridiculously easy to get some tickets for Kyoto and within minutes we were enjoying our first fully fledged experience flying along on the shikansen bullet trains. To top the experience off we were treated to a few excellent views of a snow clad Mt Fuji as we sped along but sadly the speed of my camera was not really been equal to capturing the moment.

Arrived into Kyoto later in the afternoon than we had anticipated and took us a little while to get our bearings in a new city. Immediately you got the feeling of a more relaxed, almost rural city without anything like the crowds of Tokyo and the locals seemed to have a much more relaxed approach to life from their slightly less cutting edge dress sense to the slower pace of walking the streets. Our Gojo guesthouse was an absolute steal of a find with lovely wooden rooms in a ryokan style and super helpful staff on the desk to help us get our bearings. I still managed to get us lost on our first walk around town however we muddled our way through and ended up back at the station to appreciate its architecture before going up the local tower to check out Kyoto as night fell.

The city is much larger than the laid back feeling on the streets would lead you to expect, but from the tower you can see that it spreads out in every direction. After trying my first  unsuccessful attempts at long elapse night photography we descended back onto the streets and went in look for the real Kyoto. After traversing some uninspiring streets we finally found ourselves on some very pretty back alleys and stopped into a nice little bar for some liquid sustenance. Finally we wandered up into the main shopping area however were a little bit dissappointed to find a slightly cheesy arcade which was not quite as atmospheric as we might have hoped. We struggled somewhat to find a good place to stop and eat and ended up in a teriyaki bar. By the time we had finished dinner the heavens had opened so we had to resort to dashing for the nearest cab to get home.


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