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Costa rica and more

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Its been a while since my last entry so this could be a long one...

basically, it was around 2 weeks ago now that we were staying in Boquete in the mountains of panama and about to attempt to climb volcan baru. having left at 10 at night we aimed to reach the top at around 6 in the morning to see the sunset. the path was tough and so so steep. we only managed about 1km until our, or at least my legs were on fire. we would then rest and nearly fall asleep, worrying considering we discovered a scorpian and a big tarantula along the path. we finally reached the top after around 5 hours 40 inutes on the actual trail, and another 2 hours from town. but from the top of the volcano the view was totally worth the effort of the nights walk. on a clear day they say you can see the pacific and the carribean, unfortunaly for us it wasnt a clear morning, but it was still beautiful.

after 12 hours of nearly continous walking we finally staggered into the hostel and crashed for half the day. wrighty rosie and danny had all gone on to bocas del toro so it was just me and john for a few days. the hostal was really chilled out, the owner even payed in when we bought alcohol! one of the highlights of my time there was a old american guy maybe around 50, putting the moves on a women around 20. the offer was "to go for a walk in the park" if i remember correctly, i was trying so hard not to laugh it was ridiculous. this was just after watching harrold and kumar 2, and this guys comments during that were funny enough. so anyway many free pancakes and a few days later we headed over to bocas on the carribean.


bocas was really touristy but at the same time you could find a nice place to relax, some of the beaches we went to were just picture perfect. we went out a few times with some guys we met on the first night, and also with my friend from canada, lisa. we didnt really do much in bocas really, just one day we did a snorkling trip and saw some of the beaches. also from the boat we saw dolphins, sloths and monkeys.


After bocas we headed over a rickety bridge which constituted the boarder crossing into costa rica. we stayed 2 or 3 days in Puerto Viejo, a place with a real carribean reggae vibe. our hostel was huge with lots of tents, hammoks and a few rooms. we of course, went for the cheapo option of hammoks. Puerto viejo was reasnobly uneventful, as the weather was terrible for the first few days, so we left for san jose reasnobly quickly.

the same can be said for San Jose really. we couldnt do the bungee jump we wanted so instead we just visited a museam of costa rican history and that was about it... it wasnt a great city so we wernt too upset leaving and heading up to Fortuna.

Around 15km from Fortuna is the most active volcano in central america, volcan arenal. Unfortunately our "see lava" tour didnt account for the number of clouds that were there, so it was dissapointing to miss that. however rosie, danny and I went on a long walk around the flnaks of the volcano and we could hear the eruptions about every 10 minutes and feel the shaking. Also on the tour we stopped at a waterfall and went swimming in the freezing pool. Me and rosie also followed our guide in climbing up half the waterfall then jumping in. which was slightly scary considering all the rocks around the edge if you fell while climbing.


the next day we, minus sherwin, shelled out 100 dollars for some rafting. the high cost was becasuse it was class 5 rafting, a very high level, out of the insurance allowance at least. Anyway i wont go into details, but it was really really fun. looking at the photos afterwards i dont think i have smiled that much in my whole life so far. every single photo i had a huge grin it was hilarious.


So after rafting it was up to the border and nicaragua. we are staying in san juan del sur. but i will leave that for the next installment.


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