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End of the Month

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The last week here has been reasonably uneventful so far. a few good byes to people as they left, Joe and Martha off to another volunteer place. then tomorrow Nicola goes. so winding down here really. not that many volunteers left after me John and Nicola leave. nothing much of note happened this week really apart from the big island swim.

off the coast at one of the sites where he did the diving, is an island called Isla de Salango, we rekon around 2k off the coast. So we thought along with nataly and sarah jane (a member of US coast gaurd academy) we would swim to and back from this island. so after a few enrgy drinks we attempted the mammoth swim just with flippers, and snorkling gear. half way throiugh i was thinking maybe this wasnt suych a good idea, and was also hinking is sarah jane on some sort of performance drug. as she swam ahead, with no flippers and trailing our bag incedently, me and john tried to chase her down. this was really not realistic, anyway after 1 hour and 10 mintues swimming we finally got to the island, only to hear sarah jane say that her heart rate never went above resting rate so it didnt count a a workout. all of this as i wa trying to massage some life back into my legs. and that was with the return journey still to come. so the journey back we attempted with no flippers as they had given me a nice blister., but without flippers progress was slow, even with the current helping this time. eventually we gave in, put the flippers back on and made the last effort back to the mainland, and salango beach. our activity done for that day, we hitched back to the house in a hurry to grab some water, and that was the island swim day.

one day this week we thought we would check out a place called Aguablanca, part of the national park around here. we were thinking amazing forest trials, mud baths, natural lakes, as indicated by the guide books. as we got there we realized we had again, set up an image in our minds and been let down majorly. the place was just a bunch of rundown buildings and houses, with a museum good for about 20 seconds of interest. the trials were surrounded by electricity wires and sewage pipes and the sulphur pool was just a horrible man made job, although to their credit it did stink like rotten eggs. so after staying a bit in the pool we headed back to Puerto Lopez pretty disappointed.

Apart from that, at the start of the week we went to the recently installed fin fair in town, which consists of a big Ferris wheel and er..not much else. so we went to the Ferris wheel out of curiosity, and as Joe and Martha had told us it was a little unconventional. instead of going round at a slow speed, it rushed round. all run by a man sitting in a chair with an actual car engine. when he wanted to make it turn faster he changed the gear on the gear stick and pressed down on the accelerator. it really was ...different. the only other thing of note at the funfair was the candy floss machine.

So as the first month of the trip comes to the end i thought i would give a little summary of the trip so far. number of night patrols: too many. number of turtles seen: 14. number of dives: 4. number of random hikes: 1, random island swims: 1. Nights playing go fish in a columbian restaurant: 1. number of showers: 1. I look forward to next months shower.


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