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Last week stuff.

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So thought i would do an entry, even though i cant actually remember what has happened already. so we did some surfing at the weekend altho9ugh turned out to be a pain. Sherwin broke the cord of one of the boards and i broke the fin of another. so we were in a sticky situation with lots of bartering. guy at the rental shop wanted us to pay around 45 to fix the boards, instead i was pointed to this local guys house and he was li8ike this surf nut or something, so i bought a fin and cord off him for 15 bucks, so was very glad didn't pay the 45 the surf shop dude wanted. another consequence of that day was the burning to shreds of my face. being in the water for basically a whole day did not do wonders for my skin, even though i put on sun tan lotion 4 times. the Ecuadorian sun is hot!

part from that it was a quite start to the week, a few patrols but neither me or Sherwin had any turtles. although he did have an interesting night. going down the path to Playita they heard gun shots so they hid for a while then came back. easy nights patrolling basically. so we all watched a film on the projector, inglorious bastards, first time i had seen it so that was quite good. even though it was in Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

then Wednesday we started our padi open water diving course. so we went to this really posh hotel resort place down the coast where the dive organisation uses the pool for like theory and stuff. we spent the whole day there learning the ropes which was quite fun. the next day we went and did our first dives in the sea. did 2 dives in total off the isla de salango. saw quite a lot of fish and just had to repeat the exercises we did in the pool but on the ocean floor. so that only tool 5 mins then for the rest of the time we just chilled, swam around , was really good visibility so that is always good.

the next day we had our two final dives, went out with Daniel, our teacher and also jazz, french Canadian girl who was doing her advanced while she is volunteering with us here. so did the first dive which was good although kinda short. was around loads of coral saw tonnes of fish and a few small rays. although i missed the bigger one. Daniel and john saw it so i was very jealous. so did 2nd dive then came back to puerto lopez, took a test and that was it, diving course done. unless i failed the test then i will have to do it again.

so me john, jazz and a German girl Nicola, all got a lift with Daniel to manta, the biggest port in Ecuador. about an hour and a half's drive. we met up with Fabian who has a house there, and just went around the city for a bit. big place, third biggest city in Ecuador. we were trying to find out about going to panama on a boat, doing some work to pay for the passage, but didn't really find out anything. but we did have a good night out, rolling around town in the back of Fabians mates pick up truck with a few beers was fun. next day, Saturday so today that is, we walked around the port for ages, then found the best supermarket we have found here. amazing, loads of things and also nice and cool which was a good break from being out in the heat for so long. got some supplies for cooking back at the house and also bought some board shorts for 5 bucks, so that was much needed. part from that, just wandered around bit more then got a lift back with Daniel again. just me and john. so we have patrolling tonight at playita but first we have a big steak each to cook, a bargain at a bout a quid, for huge chunk of meat. so instead of writing anymore i am going to go cook my steak! hasta luego!


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