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Sydney - Xmas carnage

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Right, where do I start? As most of you guessed would happen, I got a bit bored of updating this as so much has been going on so I'll try to keep it brief!


So last time I wrote I was about to have my first surf lesson (seems like months ago now!). Anyway, that was brilliant, except I could barely move the next day - tummy muscles that defintely havent been used in 27 years were, let's justs say, attacked! Really enjoyed it though, was standing up after about an hour which made it great for the afternoon session. Gonna continue lessons in Byron Bay after New Year so watch this space...

Then it was the great Sparkys 30th bday - hilarious night as you can only imagine - Sparks alter ego came out, it was college and the Pav all over again -complete drunkenness and a great night -  at one point she was even swimming on a chair (long story!) - the photos will speak for themselves when I get them up!

By this stage I had already moved to the Wake Up hostel so I spent a few nights as a 18 year old again with the rest of the inmates there! A very innocent pub quiz in the hostel bar quickly turned into a random night of way too many shots, a sprint race to the local Irish bar, and the rest is history (aka a total blur!)

Did the Bondi - Coogee beach walk with Bea on one of the days - pretty amazing views, finishing up with a bottle of wine to congratulate ourselves on doing so much exercise in one day! Rather embarassingly, thats the only real touristy stuff I have done so far in Sydney - Blue Mountains on Wednesday apparently though?

So then there was the live (sexy!) band night and crazy dance off on 23rd followed by Xmas Eve celebrations with Bea and Andrew at the Oaks, then Xmas carol karaoke and the best Indian alternative to a kebab ever! (Its called a Chicken tikka roll but is basically butter chicken and vegetable pakodas wrapped in a whole naan bread - calorific!!)

Xmas Day was a cold and rainy one at Bondi Beach. We desperately tried to make it Xmassy, singing carols to our hearts content, but the reality was that we were sitting on the beach in rain macs, absolutely freezing, with Pimms in tacky OJ bottles, drinking champagne from vacuum flasks, and eating soggy ham rolls, cringeing at the Irish and English drunks who were just making a show of themselves - NOT SOMETHING I EVER WANT TO REPEAT! The highlight of my Xmas day was being on Skype to family for 2 hours at the end watching them opening all their presents and Mum torturing me by making me watch her make the Roast - I have never been so jealous / hungry in my life!

Boxing Day, however, was a totally different story!! Spent it on a luxurious boat out in the thick of the action at the start of the Sydney-Hobart sailing race, sipping on champagne, eating oysters, king prawns etc - THATS MORE LIKE IT! Amazing experience, thanks for the invite Ian!

That brings me up to yesterday, which turned into a totally random day and night. The plan was that myself and Bea were planning on getting dressed up and hitting some of the nicer bars in Sydney. What actually happened was that we went out to Bondi for 'lunch' at a friends, who as it turned out had a full table of delicious food and drink, and the biggest selection of cheese I have ever seen, which we basically scoffed like true backpackers, and didnt leave the place til 2am, and there was STILL more food and wine left! The place was amazing - got a few photos but didnt really do it justice - he had just bought this multi-million dollar pad literally on the beach front overlooking Bondi on 3 levels - awesome place! I somehow lost my Irish phone in the process so now only have Oz mobile - annoying :(

Today has been a write off for many reasons, and I'm blaming the rain for my day of bumming around doing nothing. Looking forward to the 'crab racing' in the hostel bar tonight - have no idea what its about but apparently one of the best events of the year!

So, that'll do from me - sorry its not very entertaining, I've never been very witty as you all know! I'll try and get the photos up at some point as the photos really tell the story anyway.

Love you all, and miss you!

Hope you have amazing celebrations on Thursday and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

Lots of love,

Em xxxxxxxx



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Sydney - Xmas 2009, Sparks 30th  and all sorts of carnage

Sydney, Australia