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St. Patty's Day 'I Had A Wee Drink'

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Hey ya'll,

So long time no see, well...write. Last weekend my family came to visit me in Belfast! It was so great to see them again. I showed them the city (and pubs). Mitchell was with them as well. It was very hard when they went home because I knew I just had 2 more weeks to go, which then seemed like a long long time. But I've had a lot of distraction from my school based work.
I've been on teacher practice busting my ass off and making good impressions and stuff. I had a teacher visit where a tutor from St. Mary's came by to check up on me, and see if I was getting along with all the things I was expected to do. I taught a class about the topic castles. All the kids loved it and my tutor said they really accepted me as a teacher and seemed to get along with me just fine. The only point of 'critisism' she had was the fact that I came off as a secondary school teacher, which I happen to be. So really it was a complement.
Then it was time for St. Patrick's Day. I had so much fun. I went out and saw the parade, which is actually the same as Dutch carnaval, which I hate. But here everyone was dressed in green and drunk at noon.
It was nice to go from pub to pub and see everyone partying.

So I'll be home in little over a week, can't wait to see all of you people again!
Keep it real!
- Manon


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