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Half-way There 'A Wee-kend in Dublin'

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Hey folks,

So the 11th Mitchell arrived in Belfast. It was so good to see him.
We had planned a trip to Dublin for the occasion since we'd heard such great stories about the city. We spent 3 hours in a bus to get there and stayed in a hotel not far from the city center.
We walked around in Dublin that Saturday. My impression was; huge and expensive city. The city center has gorgeous buildings, really worth seeing. Check the photos to see some of them. A lot of street musicians and artists. It is a huge city, every store has at leasts 3 different shops in the center alone. Which also makes it impossible to navigate. I got to assist one of the street artists in his magic act which I was, as some of you may know, absolutley thrilled to do... not really.
However fun and impressive Dublin was, I have to say I like Belfast better. People's attitudes seem more down to earth which is something I appreciate. And it's less touristy but still a beautiful city to see.
And !spoiler alert! there are no actual lapricons in Dublin... buzzkill I know.

So when we got back we explored Belfast by going to one of the most popular pubs. Which are fabberMcgees and Robinsons saloon. Mcgee had live music which always makes me feel happy and welcome (good have also been the beers that made me feel happy and welcome). Robinsons is more of a quiet place which is also nice because you can actually talk to each other.

Thursday my girl Bijou arrived to see some real Irish pubs. Which she did. It was so nice to have 2 of my favorite people in the world in Belfast with me. We saw some more pubs with Bijou and more happy and welcoming Irish music (still not sure about whether the beer or the music makes you feel that way).

They left yesterday which was really sad. But I've got school based work to look forward to. Today I had my first day at the school but I will update you guys on that later.

Love ya'll
Shamrocks from Belfast.


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