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Updates Now! 'What the hell are jaggings?'

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Hey you guys,
It's almost been a week, time for another update!
In the last 2 weeks I've seen 2 movies because the Odeon cinema has a special student reduction day, which means; 3 pound movies!
I saw Sherlock Holmes, it was alright, and Avatar 3D; amazing! And I totally stole the glasses, figured I'd have to steal them for ma homies in the Netherlands.
We also have a frequent Gossip Girl night (lame tv show) but I join anyways for the fun (it is always amazing to see people eating peanutbutter and chocolate from a teaspoon, and pretend to be siameze twins in a snuggie> look it up it's awesome).
I saw the latest invention of awesome fashion; jaggings. You know when you stare at girls who wear jeans so tight that you have to think to yourself; 'where did she find such awesome fitting pants, it must be a trick'. Well it's not a trick it's jaggings (jeans-leggings). I know right...

Well tonight guitar gig so I'd better get going.
Miss all of you!

- Peace out


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