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Living Life in Belfast 'Passenger Terminal? I Thought We Were Taking a Cab?'

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Hey you guys,

It's been a while since I last wrote something so I figured I'd update you all.
Things have been crazy since I left but I'm finally starting to settle in. The Belfast accent isn't that difficult to understand anymore. Although the locals still sound like they're talking gibberish. I figured out how to get around the city using black cabs. And, since the shower is finally fixed, I can also take a shower at home now instead of going to the gym (which I still do).
Yesterday I went to the city center and discovered why it's so hard to get a cab around the city center. Apperantly they have something called a 'passenger terminal' this is basically a parking garage where all the black cabs park and line up. You form a line and wait untill you hear a taxi driver call out the street you are going to. It sounds a bit like going to a fish market. It's crazy, people shouting out random street names. If you're lucky and you hear your street called out you just run to the cab and jump in. I took a picture you can see it in the photoalbum.
I also bought some sweet new shoes at the city center (real adidas yay) for just 10 pounds (or quid as the locals say).

I'll write again when I have some more fascinating Bellfast news!
Miss you all,


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