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An Irish Night Out 'We Call A Violin A Fiddle'

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Yesterday I went on my first night out in the Belfast city center. We had heard from the student union at St. Mary's that Kelly's Cellar was the place for traditonal Irish music. So naturally we had to check it out. When we passed the bar we could hear the music outside. Some of the (smoking) locals heard our accents and told us that the music was live. We couldn't believe it! It sounded so good! The locals told us that we shouldn't think too much of it because the musicians were so drunk they had been playing the same song for an hour or so (which turned out to be true). We told them we couldn't care less because whatever song it was, it sounded amazing.
I had expected a stage or something but the musicians were just sitting at the table with their violins and guitars. I told one of the locals that I loved the violin and he told me that it's called a fiddle here.
- Irish Habits:
* The Irish have 'crisps' and 'nuts' with their beer. We asked them about it and got offered some. The 'crisps', which we call chips, tasted like pickles (augurken) which was delicious and an excellent combination with beer.
*If the pub is full just pull up a chair and sit with the locals (you might learn a thing or 2 about which pubs are the best and cheapest to go to)
*Most of the Irish (even the smokers) think that the smokingban is a good thing because before, when people were smoking inside they couldn't see anything because of all the smoke.
*If you want to take a black cab (cheaper than busses) just stand on a main road and wave. If you want to get out, tap the window. Black cabs are not only black in the fact that they have no meters, they are also literally black (I'll try to take a picture soon)
*If you want to sound Irish just say 'a wee bit' in every sentence.

Alright that's it for now people.
I still miss you all.

- Manon


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