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St. Mary's Introduction ' The Irish Believe You Need Drink To Have A Good Time'

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Hey people,

Today me and all the other international students went to St. Mary's. We learned more about the college and how to get around. Everyone here seems really nice and eager to help international students. We also got a short history lesson on the troubles of Belfast. When I have more time I will write a short piece on it for people who might find it interesting (I know I did).

I still have to go the store to get myself some better internet because we occasionally steal our (unkown) neighbors' network. In our house we all 'love' Gary (that's the network's name). If you've seen the pictures you know we have a couch that smells like wet dog, and I have a hot water bottle (kruik) that's named Shaun the Sheep (I'll see if he's available for pictures tonight).

So for all people who want to send me stuff, this is my address:
Manon Schalken
32 Broadway
BT12 6(AS) (West)Belfast
North Ireland

Once I get a cellphone (the one I brought doesn't seem to work) I will let you know my number. But if you guys feel like talking to me, just send me an e-mail or add me on skype.

All right people that's it for today.
Keep it cool, I miss you all

- Manon


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