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(Please Don't) Let it snow > Arrival in Belfast

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Hey you guys!

So I have arrived in Belfast this Tuesday. After a delay of 30 minutes I landed on Belfast International. It seems that the city of Belfast is in panic due to heavy snow fall (which is nothing compared to the Netherlands...and that says something). It is highly unusual for it to snow here so the locals aren't handling this very well. Most of the streets are covered with black ice and ambulance/fire/and police sirens can be heard every 10 minutes.
But I have survived so far.
After arriving in the Belfast city center one of St. Mary's coördinators came to pick me and Anneke up. She dropped us off at our house which is on 32 Broadway, a 2 minutes walk from the university.
My first night here was the coldest night I have ever experienced in my entire life. They use a different system here for gas/water/electricity. You have to put money on a pass which you then put in a machine in order to make the heating work. The girl who arrived before us (Esther) had put 10 pounds on the pass which had just run out of credit. So no heating for night 1.
On wednesday I went to the Belfast city center, which is gorgeous. I bought a hot water bottle (kruik), slippers, and 2 blankets to keep me warm. Luckily I survived that night AND got some sleep, which was good.
I also got a tour through the college where the international students will be studying. In my next blog I will upload some pictures so you can see just how beautiful the college is.

I'll try to update you guys as soon as possible.
I miss all of you like crazy so please leave a message!

- Manon


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