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Exploring Prague’s Jewish Community

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Jewish people have played an important role in Prague’s history. This history is commemorated in Josefov, the neighborhood in the city’s Old Town section that is now home to a thriving Jewish community.

The neighborhood, which dates back more than 700 years, houses priceless art, antiques, jewelry and other treasures in three restored synagogues. The highlight of these may be the Pinkas Synagogue, a solemn Holocaust memorial. The neighborhood also boasts the oldest synagogue in Europe, the Old-New Synagogue. Followers have been worshipping here since the 13th Century.

There’s also a rather unusual clock here, at least by Western standards. The clock is set in one of the gables of the Jewish Town Hall building here. Its hands travel counterclockwise, following the Hebrew lettering on it. Hebrew lettering, of course, is read from right to left. There are a lot of options for accommodation, you can check out these prague hotels.


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