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Celebration of birthday at key west stock island, FL

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Key west is the paradise place because it’s located in Florida keys, where on huge beaches, beaches attraction for entrances swimming, boating, scuba diving, sun bath, sun set watching etc. Travel to Key west always best for entire visitor because their climate is notably mild and tropical throughout the year. I had done to Key West trip to few months ago. I was to glad for watched the paradise places of Key West.

I went to there with our closed friends. We live in Lakeport so 4 days trip we made it for celebrating my best friend birthday, which name was Mike. We were four guys, which was visited Key west City. it’s glory due to their attraction, second we loved beaches and their attractions. Thus, like that thought attract to here. However, places I visited to Key west, which was superb and didn’t describe the beauties of those provinces but we can say it’s awesome.

Key west international airport where we reached and got our language after that came out of airport. Called the taxi and reached to Hyatt key west hotel, where we had reserved two rooms by online. Hotels in key west are limited but more budget rates, I felt it but we wanted to travel so didn’t notice like that talk and reserved luxury hotel. One thing I shared with you that every hotels of Hyatt worldwide, in their interior and services are wonderful specially the indoor activities. It was the best luxury hotel in Key west, all amenities were deluxe and they offered best recreational activities like intimate beach area parasailing diving snorkeling fishing and sailing and I did it more time. Really, I got a terrific hotel where we had spent our best time. All guys took the often the jala spa, which was available to there. There, I loved whirlpool exercise room and other services all of them got it often.

In attendance, also located onsite restaurants, where we ate the best seafood, as well as took the best grill and Mojito Bar adventure.

We realized that it’s a outdoor city so always preferred to outdoor activities. First Day, when we reached there after that we hired next day a RV with help of hotel counter. Because Next day, Mike’s Birthday was coming and we wanted to celebrate his birthday party on side the beach camping so went to Next day at Stock Island. In there lot of RV we watched but we got a best place for camping, which was closed to beach side. Fix everything related to camping over the clean landmark. We carried everything related to camping.

Reached to there in 10am Still I wanted to there fishing. All of them went for fishing closed the beach but I felt not well. In there, too many small boats were running, hired one of them and went to deep water for fishing. Mike and Rick stayed closed to camp; Dave and me went to fishing. At lunch-time we came back our camp after two big fish and it was too heavy for night party. Whatever, Mike and Rick were drop his fishing rode in closed to beach area. At after noon we took the lunch with fried fish. I got more enjoyment at lunchtime and felt to glad.

It was summer time, but we felt cold then burned wooden close to camp. all guys arrange everything for night birthday party and made best things for night party. About 8:30 pm Mike cut the cake, after that we celebrated by dancing, singing, drinking and enjoying there a lot. About mid night we went for sleep. We slept in our RV’s bedroom. Next day, we came back after awesome camping memory.

Next two day, we took the best services of hotel, and traveled to many places of Key west such as Bourbon Street Pub and Fat Tuesdays (for drink), for eat (Schooner Wharf,, Roof Top Café we selected), went to Key West Nature Preserve, Shipwreck Museum, Sebago Water sports, Swim With Dolphins and McCoy Indigenous Park.

These four-day, took the best journey. Also we had done to Key west swimming, scuba diving, deep water boating, sightseeing, wind surfing watching, but sunset was superb. These four-day, we enjoyed a lot to there and never forget because it was special trip by us.


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