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Top Destination With More Adventure In Palm Beach

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Palm Beach is most beautiful city in the united states of Florida. I came to know about this city when I went for this city. It can be said that I was the luckiest person who get free air tickets up and down by luck draw in a contest. By getting this chance I became very happy but a little worried about hotels in palm beach. From some sources I came to know that this city is more beautiful and most famous destination point. I came to this city in month of Oct. 2008. I reserved my hotel there from a cheap hotel rates site by searching on net which give me a list of cheap hotels in palm beach and I reserved from this site and get the discount offer. After coming back from this city I decided to write my experiences from this city. On first day, I reached to this city and became more familiar about this city. This day I can not do more because I was so tired so I take rest. This day, I take more information about this city while going to market. By interacting with people I came to know that this city is most beautiful and the largest city in the united states of Florida. This city draws many visitors for its beaches, attractions, destination, parks, nightlife and more. By knowing more about this city I reached to my marriott palm beach hotel where I take dinner and prepared myself for the next day of trip. On the second day of my trip, first of all I went to see beach where I enjoy my full day and make this day more adventurous. On beach I take enjoy of swimming, fishing, boating, and camping. All these activities were my favorite. In lunch, I take sea food which was very nice. Near beach a lot of parks were there which were very nice with adventurous. I saw the BurtReynoldsPark which was surrounded by the water ways. At this park I take enjoy of boating and takes some rest. After seeing this destination I went to DyerPark which was most famous for biking trail. At this place I do hiking, and mountain biking to which them I take a lot of enjoy. At the time of night, I take juice and some snacks and went to my hotel. After taking dinner in my hotels restaurant I go to bed for sleeping for the next day of trip. On the third day, I went to armory art center which was very nice art museum containing with a lot of visual art collection and exhibitions. After seeing this museum, I went to Flagler museum which was a historic landmark and telling the history of this museum. From this museum I know the deep history and also came to know that how this city becomes more beautiful. I went to science museum also where I get some experience related to life sciences and more. After seeing this museum, I went to LakeLytalPark which was consisting of multi-purpose recreational areas. At this place, I take enjoy of basketball, swimming, and more were there. This day I enjoyed nightlife of this city and take my dinner in outside restaurant. After taking dinner, I went to my room for sleeping. On the fourth day, I went to see OkeeheeleePark which offers recreational and picnic areas like lake, boating, water skiing, and natural trails also. At this place, I take a lot of enjoy of all these adventurous and this destination was the most famous destination point. I spend my half of day at this place. After seeing this place I visit the streets of this city and went to market from where I take some junk food and went to music clubs for enjoying the nightlife. After enjoying nightlife I went to my hotel where I take my and went to bed. On fifth day, I went to market from where I do shopping from a store and purchase some clothes. After shopping, I checked out my hotels and fly to home with nice memories. This city gives me a lot of most memorable moments of my life to which them I never pay for them.


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