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Museums And Parks Attractions In San Jose City

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San Jose is a 3rd larges city in the California and 10th largest city in the United States. This city is most popular for its destination, nightlife, sightseeing and one of the most attraction cities for tourists. This city is a good tourist attraction points include museums, parks, gardens, opera, trails, shopping malls, all this and much more describe San Jose. I am first time visit in this city. Tourist can visit museums, gardens, parks, shop in the malls or in the flea market and lots of other things. My wife is very happy in this trip. I found this great accommodation from an online reservation cheap hotel rates site which gives me a list of hotels in san josewith all the facilities at discount offer. But I reached that city by NormanY.MinetaSan JoseInternationalAirport. This airport was good facilities in tourist include taxi, bus, and train. The airport was very clean and beautifully. But I called a taxi and reached to my hilton san josehotels at noon. I put my bags in room and get fresh and I went to lunch after lunch, I am back and I rested the room and I planned my trip for next day. First day we went to see the San Jose Museum of Art which was very beautiful and nice museum. There was something for everyone at San Jose Museum of Art: contemporary art, lectures, concerts, tours, book signings, special events and even programs for children. The museum has been host to many outstanding traveling shows and has been a champion of local artists. The museum bookstore offers a nice selection of usual museum merchandise, such as books, tote bags and greeting cards. The museum cafe offers a wonderful rotating menu of seasonal delights. Second day we went to see the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden which was beautiful and quiet. My wife and I enjoyed just strolling along the rose bushes and talking about our expected baby. Great facilities and easy access make this park a great time. Plenty of roses and a beautiful fountain, and lots of space for the kids to run around and fly a kite. Great park, a must visit in San Jose. Third day we went to see the Raging Waters which was a best theme park. This park has on of the best collections of water rides. There are hot summer days it was a place where the whole family can splash, play, and picnic. The park was good simple attractions point include a wave pool, a pirate inspired play structure with water cannons, waterfalls, a speed slide, thrill slides, and a slow river for inner tubing. For little children, there ware also a variety of kiddies pools and play areas. Forth day we went to see the Children's DiscoveryMuseum which was a very beautiful and nice. There was also two floors' worth of exhibits and activities, including a history of bubbles, face painting and all sorts of things to keep children busy and thinking. The museum was a giant, structure straddling the GuadalupeRiverPark, so picnics are a common for visitors. It was right on the light rail station, which makes public transportation a snap. The museum offers facilities for birthday parties and special events for small gatherings. Fifth day we went to the flea markets which was a very beautiful and fantastic market. San Jose flea market was the largest open air market in California and it was one of the major attractions for tourists. But we enjoyed the feel of the open, flea markets and I bought some clothes, gifts, shoes and chocolates goods. After that we went to the San Jose Bar and Grill which was a very beautiful and nice bar and get the more fun of the night life at night. I came back to hotels and I checked out from the hotel alone and went to airport for leaving this city.

            Moreover San Jose is too vast to be explored by a public transport. A swanky limo is the best choice for traveling to the various attractions in San Jose. 


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