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Find Out Your Best Destinations Attractions with Adventure In Fresno

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Fresno is the sixth largest city in California. It has fairly mild winters and hot summers. I think Fresno is one of the best medium-sized cities in the country. You can ski in the Sierras in the morning and surf on the Pacific Ocean in the afternoon. Fresno has a lot of places a dating couple can visit depending with what they want. They can go for a romantic hike in any chosen mountain, walk in their wonderful beach or go to a good romantic restaurant that is candle lit and intimate. I am first time visit in this city. My friends are so happy in this trip. My friends plan to go to Fresno city. I reserved my hotel there from a cheap hotel rates site by searching on net which give me a list of cheap hotels in fresno and I reserved from this site and get the discount offer. But I reached that city by FresnoInternationalAirport. This airport was good facilities in tourist include taxi, bus, and train. The airport was very clean and beautifully. But I called a taxi and reached to my marriott fresnohotel at noon. I put my bags in room and get fresh and I went to lunch after lunch, I am back and I rested the room and I planned my trip for next day. First day I went to see the ForestiereUndergroundGardens which was a very beautiful and nice garden. Children must be within view of their parents at all times, and while this was a very fun place to explore, it was not a playground. Do not venture into blocked off areas as they ware not part of the tour. Please do not sit or climb on planters or furnishings. No food, beverages, or smoking permitted on tour, but water bottles are welcome. Second day I went to see the IslandWaterPark was a great water park. We have children that range from toddlers to young people and we often have difficulty finding an outing that they all can enjoy. They have it all for every age Great Water slides, Great lazy O, and the wave pool was awesome. This park was also very clean; bathrooms were clean and neat too. The price was unbelievably cheap. They really cater to families. They also had a variety of food that was also inexpensive. I recommend this to everyone. Third day I went to the RiverparkShopping Center which was a very most famous shopping center in this city. But I bought some clothes, gifts, shoes and chocolates goods. After that I went to the Elephant famous bar which was a very beautiful and nice bar and get the more fun of the night life at night. I came back to hotels and I checked out from the hotel alone and went to airport for leaving this city.  


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