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Holidays in Italy with Its Venice

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Venice is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. The city of Venice really abounds with traditions and must-see places. This city Located in the northern part of the county, an Italian city is famed around the world for its magnificence. Venice, the magic city, the city built on the water, the city in which rules and paces of normal modern life don’t apply. This city draws many visitors for its attractions, sightseeing, nightlife, and accommodation listing also. I went to this city with my friends for enjoying holidays. We went to this city by air. We stayed there in a hotel which was less expansive containing with all the modern facilities. We enjoy our holiday with a lot of excitement and got some colorful and memorable moments also. We reserved our Venice hotels there by a hotel site which provides us this nice hotel at discount offer. We meet this site by searching on net with the help of hotels in venice italy which gives us a list of hotels. We select our hotel Venice that list and flights to venice. After taking flight we fly to our destination which dropped us on Venice international airport Venice where our travel deals were situated at a few distance. After taking luggage we take some snacks like eggs, bread, coffee, and more. After taking some snacks we hire a taxi and reached to our hotel. As we reached to hotel then we realize that this hotel is very nice and we should continue all the holidays in this colombina  venice hotel because most of all the attractions were situated near to this hotel. Firstly, all of us like to take rest because we so tired. After taking some rest all of us fresh and see our hotel which was containing with swimming pool, fitness center, conference room, internet, and more facilities were there. At the time of late evening, we went outside the hotel for visiting markets and around the streets of hotel. In market first of all we take some juice, fruits, and junk food also. After interacting with people we realize that this city is home of many indoor and outdoor activities also like hiking, sparkling pools, and more. At the time of night we went to a restaurant for taking dinner and enjoy the nightlife of this city. After taking dinner we reached to hotel and planned for the next day of trip and went to our beds for taking a good sleep. Next day of our trip all of us get up early in the morning and follow daily routine and well prepared ourselves. After preparing, we take breakfast and went to outside hotel for visiting this beautiful city. We take some snacks and water with us. Venice is since always one of the worlds’s most visited and admired places both from international and national tourism. During our trip we found that Venice is famous for its explorers (Venezuela was named after it - Little Venice), artists and musicians, boasting such famous names as Marco Polo, Cabot, Titian, Bellini, Vivaldi and, of course, Casanova! No wonder, then, that Venice offers so many museums, art galleries and other centers of culture. In the evening we come back our cheap hotel and take dinner and go to our bed for taking good slip. Next day we get up early morning. We get fresh and tale coffee with some snacks. Then we went to saw the Venice International Film Festival, that takes place every year in September and it is located at the CinemaPalace. Also the Historical Regatta is a feast that attracts a lot of tourists as well as the Redentore Feast-Day, which is organized on the third Sunday of July. We saw in this city AcademiaBridge, the “Ponte degli Scalzi” (the Bridge of the Barefoot), the Rialto’s Bridge, the ConstitutionBridge. The visual effect of the statue’s wings, which move in the wind, is really magic. The island of Murano, very famous for the glass manufacture. Being able to admire with your own eyes these inimitable manufacturing techniques that can create this unique object is a real fairy tale. In the end you have to visit the island of Torcello, that every year attracts thousands of tourists. On the last day of trip, we went to market for shopping form where all of us take different things and manage all those memories. At the time of evening we checked out our hotel and went to airport. After reaching to airport and fly to home with memorable moments to which them we get Venice this city and give a “thanks” to this city for giving such colorful life and make a Venice also for visiting again this city.


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