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Roujan 1

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The house is two village houses made into one and the streets here are very narrow so there is no view and not a lot of light. It's light in the bedrooms, which have skylights. It was good to be in at first when it was cool and cloudy but now it's sunny I'd rather be outside. Washing is dried on a pulley line hung over the street so every one passing by can see your undies and you have to be very careful when leaning out of the window to peg out the laundry.


We have had some splendid walks in the mountains to the north of here. Lots of uphill plodding to get the view, but well worth it. Mostly level waking when you get up there. Had an unusual sight of a chain of 14 caterpillars walking nose to tail on path. Lots of flowers everywhere. Pink, white and bright yellow all around.


Have done two longish cycle rides on the flat land near the coast. The Canal du Midi has paths along it, giving a shady and level ride. There is a flight of seven locks near Beziers, where we helped an English couple with their ropes.  It all provides entertainment for lots of people. There's a lot of bird life around the canal and we saw stilts and egrets on the first ride.


We also cycled to Cap de Agde, which is the modern part of Agde. There's a huge marina and lots of cafes / shops. In one place there are old-fashioned children's games which we joined in with as there weren't many children there the first time we went on a cold day. There were also loads of brand new board games that you could borrow but we did not have too much time.


Yesterday we cycled to a nearby lake, and in the lakeside car park there were lots of French families coming along with large numbers of cool boxes and boxes of wood to use the big communal barbecue - not bad for April. The weather has been very warm this week, suntan cream is well in use now. People were swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach at Cap de Agde.


Pushkin the cat is fine , although he was sick the other day after eating some of the hard grass that was in one of the vases. He stays indoors all the time, which does not seem very good, but he seems OK. He spends quite a lot of time in the main bedroom which is light and sunny.


When we left our caravan with Erzsi's friend we discovered that his sister was at Chelsea College, Eastbourne just after me and consequently we have been invited to play stoolball against a team from Kent who are visiting next weekend. We went along to the practice on Tuesday, and it all started coming back to us. Although we weren't very good the general standard was not too high so we did not feel hopeless. Judy was even used as the bowling demonstration! The "International weekend" involves eating and drinking as well as stoolball, so we are looking forward to it. The fun seems to be considerably more important than the score.


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Roujan, France