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I boiled at chicago

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I purchased the bus pass at $23 for 7 days. It was CTA services in Chicago services, which handle the trains and bus services for there. I was stay at Hilton Chicago hotel, which was located 720 South Michigan Avenue Chicago. Totally it was fabulous stay in Chicago because it gave us stunning services for us for seven days as well as suggested where I can visit to Chicago city. Whatever places of Chicago were fresh and wonderful to me. In Chicago city first day was so excited because that day I went to Lake Michigan, which is the largest freshwater lake throughout the united state. It was wonderful day because in freshwater swimming was more relaxations and I never bored to like that places in additions I search always like that places. Often I moved to Lake Michigan for swimming and outstanding trail places glimpse with help of bus pass. It was totally paradise place for me. I can never forget that places in whole life.

In first to there, I took the swimming, fishing also. Camping is the my main or best activity but it best if you have anybody with you but I was alone to there whatever inside the area also located huge peoples and they shared knowledge about that place. With the boat driver, I enjoyed in deep water fishing at afternoon time. Late evening, I came back to our hotel rooms of Hilton. In the way, I packed the dinner. After reached, In front of the Room TV, I ate the dinner with TV watching. I was too tired so soon I slept.

Next day also a terrific day for us because this day moved to ahead of Oak street beach as well as north avenue beach, which is located in Lincoln Park, were the best fashionable provinces sited. Inside there also visited to Roger’s park and Hyde Park, the skyline was majestic and wonderful, which were attracting huge crowd there.

I watched the rainbow in the South shore regions, which was so nice attraction to there.

After 3 o’clock, we moved towards the Grant Park, which was famous for hosts music festivals throughout the year but that day there was nothing so decided to move Greentown pizza points, which was the famed places for pizza. After ate the pizza. In most of the hotels in Chicago restaurants have vary of dishes, but it was expensive. However, I ate often but native peoples didn’t see there, only high classes peoples and outsides tourist I watched to like that places.

Third day was superb day because it day, I spent out time to Midway park and Jackson park with skating, summer fun, also saw the inside beauties and attractions in additions ate some specially kinds of meals to their famous restaurants. I went also Washington park for just two and half hours but these time I got enormous views and attractions to there. One night I had missed the great comedy shows at nearby theaters but I was not feel too bad and back to Broadway in Chicago after suggestions of a native people to there purchase for a show tickets on ly half rates. The show was fantastic and unforgettable but theater interior outstanding.

Fourth day I went to see the famed some museums including Shedd Aquarium, which was the enormous and majestic place for us- watched there dolphins, whales, Sharks, and best collections of Marin life’s of west California state and like that places I didn’t watch elsewhere so it was well for us. Art of Chicago institute was carrying of modern arts, classical arts etc. Next two days I spent our time to Lake Michigan trail hiking, with a hotels group, which they came from the Los Angeles city. All of them shared with us more things in that trip. I did camping in lakeside area also. Full Nights all group and me celebrated the trial adventure moment with singing and chatting. It was so nice days for me. When I left to that city then thanked to them, they didn’t come back to Los Angeles because it trip was 20 days. Whatever I purchased items, and moment I collected it and back to our hometown.


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Museums, Lake Michigan The Main Hub of adventure at Chicago

Chicago, United States