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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I know I know its been the longest time since a journal was put on here, but it's just felt very worth it until perhaps now!
I am currently sitting in the laundrettes which is a 5 minutes walk from our new place in Toronto! Finally I am able to admit in a public place that we are in TORONTO!!! This brings me to the other reason for not writing sooner because Anne wanted to surprise her family with the the news that she was in the same city as her sister! This didn't go completely to plan for when we arrived in Toronto on Novemeber 1st, Anne fell ill within a week, then was ill for a full week with some change. This meant she couldn't see Helen for a while which just dragged out the surprise plan a little too much for my liking. I've just realised how disjointed this journal may turn out to be, but I'll do my best not to confuse. So Helen and Enea very kindly picked us up from the airport and took us to Enea's family home where we were fed like kings. Everyone is so nice there. Enea's mum,
brother Eris (?), his girlfriend Laura, lovely dog Peepo(?), and not forgetting their friend Costa who let us stay in his apartment for 2 nights while we figured out our next step. Coming to Toronto was a very late decision as we'd done our very best to find accomodation in Whistler at our expense (Hiring a car a few times to drive up
there with no luck! My point being that we didn't really have a plan, and even when we do, my plan seems to be different to Anne's! So from Costa's place we went to the very lovely Marriott Hotel downtown because Enea's brother got us a discount! By now we are already feeling like we are abusing Helen and Co with all the help/rides that we have been given. The hotel room was awesome and we got breakfast included every morning which was a welcome bonus. So the semi-plan was to find a home first, job second. We walked for many miles using the hotel as our base and looked at maybe 10 places which maybe doesn't sound like
many, but in a short time I thought we did really well! Some were too expensive, too out of the way, not in a particularly nice area, or weren't furnished which was the biggest problem. On our penultimate day in the hotel we went to look at a room for rent in an apartment. (We wanted out own place but by now we were a bit desperate!) We met Arslan Amin, our new best friend, at the bottom of a 40 story high complex where he proceeded to take us to the 32nd floor of the building to his apartment. The apartment was great. It had the best view your ever gonna get of Toronto and the massive windows looked out directly at the CN Tower. He had a huge lovely dog call Tiny and it all seemed too good to be true. Included in our rent was ev everything that the the proper tenants of the building have. Gym, swimming pool sauna, games room, jacuzzi, to name but a few. The only stitch being that it was just a room, not our own place. A fairly small room, and not furnished. Oh, and Arslan seemed to be some kind of PARTY GANGSTER!!! Don't get me wrong, He was really really nice, but he was kind of elusive in explaining exactly what he did. He part owned a swanky nightclub
and talked about drinking champgne from the bottle, and other such things that I found no way to relate too! He said how'd he'd take us out and party and what-not, and at the time Anne and I were both giddy with excitement basically because of the view and the dog! We said that we'd love to live with him and if he wanted us to, and he said he had another viewing but that we'd pretty much got it anyways. Its very difficult to explain everything that was said/happened as it was a crazy time. We left thinking that it was all done and dusted and that we'd found our place. Our only worry was a clash of lifestyles. We were (and still are) running on the bare minimum of money and we didn't realise at the time that this place was pretty much out of our budget. In order to stay there we would have both needed to secure jobs within the week which as I will tell you later, did not happen. So this gave me the jitters. It doesn't help that in Vancouver, people only wanted a months rent plus half as a damage deposit, but in Toronto, everyone wanted 1st and last months rent. This put way more pressure on us. So I think it was later that night, Arslan gave us a call. He said he wanted to meet us to have a drink....I was all excited/scared on the phone but I wrote down the address of where he wanted to meet us, then thankfully reminded me to where smart clothes (lets not forget that I don't really own any, and the ones I do are smart only in Harlow). We swiftly searched google for the club, Atelier I think it was called, and found
it to be described as a Triple A listed club for the rich businessman types/entrepeneur sorts. This gave us both the complete willies. He's a very difficult person to say no to. I don't feel comfortable in a lot of places and I really didn't want to go to this one. After panicing I called him back, made some excuse/lie and said we'd
speak to him tommorrow about the contract. Anyway to cut a long story short, we bailed out of the place and apologised to him prefusely. He seemed fine and we haven't heard anything since. Fortunately though,
We found our current home just in time (we stayed an extra night in the hotel). We now live in a basement suite of 843 Manning Avenue Toronto. We both love the place and have made it our home in a very short time. Our land parents (Bryan & Manna) upstairs are really lovely, as are their children Eli (3) and Elouise (3 months!) We've already had a french toast brunch with them and soon to be dinner, and last night they asked if we could house/baby sit for them sometime which is excellent as I shall use their bath!

(I'm hoping when Anne gets a chance she will read through this and add all the stuff I've missed in a different colour!)

As soon as we moved in here, Anne got the super flu and was virtually bed ridden for 7 days, leaving me to half heartedly job hunt on my own. I handed a few resumes in and applied for loads of things online but didn't really here much back at all for quite a while. While I was out on the streets I was asked by a TV crew what I thought about Oprah leaving and I said that I didn't care much for here.
I've just realised that I haven't said yet that we both really like Toronto! Anne had been before of course, but we've obviouslt been able to explore a lot more and all the differen little neighbourhoods are really nice and its just so much bigger than Vancouver!



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