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Our last few days in Beautiful BC

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The weather had been rainy for our last week or two in Vancouver but on our last day it was beautiful and sunny and crisp. James was at work and I had a few errands to run. I had to go to Brock House to get my bike and say bye to a few people. I had to sell James' snowboard and potentially my bike.

I had gone to Adonia a few days before to get my paycheque and Ping had kindly said she would give me a gift. She gave me a lovely cup and some tea - passionfruit and mango green tea and irish cream black tea along with filters to put the leaves in. Even though it was strange and horrible to begin with, I grew to really enjoy working at Adonia. I liked working on my own and really appreciated what Ping and her team created. I will miss the scones, little cakes and little sandwiches that were in abundance. Yum.

Back to the last day... I went to Brock and had a cup of coffee whilst talking to Rik, a kind of manager who I really like and Nelson and Mike, two 18 year old boys that have been so nice to me! In fact, they called me up a few hours after I left and came to meet me to give me a farewell card that they had gotten everyone to sign.

I went and sold the snowboard and left my bike with Georgia. I then walked around a part of town I'd always wanted to see (main street) and discovered a lovely town hall. I also always wanted to see the University of British Columbia so I hopped on a bus and went. It was okay but needed more exploration to find the nudist beach and green spaces that I'd often read about.

Our last day was Halloween and when James had got home from work and we'd finished packing we went downtown to Granville street. Everyone was out, and in costume and it was great to walk around on such a night. Check the pictures for some of the costumes. I really wanted to have a nice meal to mark our last night in Vancouver and we wanted to go to this fancy place which served lovely looking Italian platters but unfortunately it was closing. We'd always wanted to go to The Naam which is a never closing vegetarian restaurant. I'd bike by this place at 2 in the morning and feel a little bit safer because of the crowds of people. And it's always packed. Apparently Justin  Timberlake and Jessica Biel had been there the week before. The place was full and only we waited a couple of minutes to get our table. We ordered some chips and salsa, sesame fries, Buddha's feast which is a stir fry with veg, tofu, cashews – I am reading this off their website. And I believe chilaquiles which is some kind of Mexican goodness. The food was pretty good with grated carrot and beet- so tasty. We had so much left over which was going to be our airport food but when asked for change by a homeless man we gave him our food. I hope he wasn't expecting some meaty goodness.

We had to get up pretty early the next day even though it was the same day the clocks went back which just confused us quite frankly. Here's the best bit of the story. We get a cab to the airport and on our way, James and I look at the cab passing us and it's Vino!!! Goodbye Vancouver! So beautiful. Picnics on Kitsilano beach (3rd sexiest beach in North America), daily views of the ocean and the mountains, the Grouse grind, 3 legged dogs, house sitting in swanky Yaletown, stealing Sid the cat, bike rides to work, the amazing Summer weather, friends at Brock House, the sunsets at Brock House, swimming at night in the warm ocean, Stanley Park, trips to Vancouver Island and the waterpark, James becoming a crepe chef, the amazing festival of lights by the water, cliff jumping at Lynn Valley, climbing Bridal Veil waterfall, Connie's Cook House chinese food, Jericho beach, James' budding acting career, hiring a convertible mustang and driving with the wind in your hair and sun and views all around. It has been an incredible 5 months. I'm glad I have James and his sense of adventure by my side to share in all the wonderful memories.


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Goodbye Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada